Celebrate your Independence Day with a Delish Dish!

The 4th of July is here! Soon folks will be watching fireworks from their rooftops, a starry hill, the county fair or even at home on the t.v. If your looking for some sparkling recipes to bring along the way, Rosella’s has plucked out a few ripe ones just for you!

Let’s start off with some homemade hotdog buns, yum!

Get ready for a fabulous hot dog experience from KQED Food, where light and fluffy meets crunchy and chewy! This little oven-baked morsel will definitely have you and your guests back for seconds….or thirds.

 Try this tangy red, white, and blue sangria to wash things down!

A brilliant concoction from Recipe Girl, this festive drink mixes a bit of triple sec, berry flavored vodka and a dry white wine (of which our White Wine Blend would do nicely.) As a non-alcoholic beverage for the kids, just add a little lemon-lime soda and your choice of cranberry-grape juice, orange juice or apple juice.  

 Feeling like something a little Seaside?

This Blackened Shrimp Pesto Pasta Salad by KarylsKulinaryKrusade is a vibrant side dish for party goers looking for something a little less traditional to jazz things up. With down to earth pine nuts, spicy pepper flakes, and creamy avocado…this is a dish to remember!

And of course, every great holiday has a legendary dessert!

Don’t let this simple ingredient Flag Cake by spendwithpennies fool you! Sugared cream cheese, berries, and whipped cream toppings will go down in history…and has!

I don’t know about you, but all this food has me thinking about crafting a memorable dinner piece for all my friends and family to see. Check out these really cool Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns by addicted2diy!

And remember, try our Tasting Notes page for great ideas on food pairings.

Wishing you a happy 4th of July!

~Rosella’s Vineyard

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