Happy New Year *.*:2018*.:*

Bring in the New Year

It’s a celebration that’s been around for hundreds of years. Countries from all over the world continue to raise their glasses to the new beginnings of agricultural and astronomical cycles, or just another year’s end and beginning! It’s a beautiful time for family and friends to gather round the fire, sharing their warmest moments, moments of great adventure or even funny little roadblocks that now can be laughed at with great ceremony. Or… maybe a tenacious party is more your speed. Whatever your tradition, New Year’s Eve is always well met with a hardy glass of wine to share the holiday spirit! In case you haven’t settled on plans just yet, we at Rosella’s have you covered with a few of our own…

Midnight Potluck

With everyone bringing a solid dish, you’ll have plenty of good food and lots of laughs to share. Bump things up with an added snack and beverage per party goer and you’ve got it made.

Fix up the Garage for a Bit O’ Music and Dancing

A nice throw rug, a few seats and heater in the corner (not that you’ll need ’em with all the dancing) should all make for a splendid time. Garage parties are the best, because they quell loud music a bit better, clean-up is much easier and you’re not overly concerned about rearranging the entire house to accommodate all those “raising the roof moves.”

Get out the Popcorn

There’s nothing wrong with parking it in-front of the t.v for added comfort of course. Whether you’re with your loved ones or deciding to hooray the new year alone, a nice and quiet evening could be just the thing your looking for to get a good start on things to come.

Make a Chocolate Cake

What’s a good celebration without a hefty chocolate cake to pick at through the evening? Be sure to plan all your ingredients and cook time…and don’t forget a candle for this momentous occasion too. Our tasting notes page should have some great pairing ideas for added delight to your soulful cake this years end.

Have a Bonfire

There’s nothing better than sitting around a warm fire at night, and watching the fireworks under a star-lit sky. Bring your blankets of course and a bit of wine to warm you up, and Oh…a few smore makings just in case. The crackling of a few logs will get you into the spirit of the new year in no time.

And for those Serious Traditionalists…

Get a list going of all the new ideas, projects, and changes your going to make starting in just a few hours… Might as well have a glass or two of wine here as well, err, for…healthy morale.


~Cheers to a Happy New Year, 2018!

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