Welcome the new year with a smooth wine opener

It’s always nice to be the one to open that first bottle of wine, gracefully poised with party-goers looking on in quiet expectation. A certain hush comes over the crowd and all eyes are on you… “The gatekeeper” of promised fun and adventure. A resounding POP seems to come from every angle of the room, then growing smiles and claps from all around. It’s a job well done!

But it doesn’t always happen that way, does it? 

Yes, there’s always that one time where it just didn’t go quite right. The corkscrew lever didn’t quite lift, or the drill burrowed its little self into the side of the cork instead. So, you try again. Only now, the cork of that beautiful fine wine has been expertly lodged or shall we say “bottlenecked” between you and a certain coolness of the evening.

It may be time to re-think that corkscrew from years past.

But, “which wine opener is the best?” You might ask. Well, we’re happy to share our key secret that works pretty well for us. The truth is (aside from the really poorly made wine openers) it’s all in which one works best for YOU! Everybody does everything a little differently; an opener will work better for one than another. That said, here are a few of our favorite wine openers you might want to try.

  1. Brookstone Connoisseur’s Wine Opener – Ergonomic friendly.
  2. Waring Pro Professional Cordless Electric Wine Opener –  Compact, cordless, and lightweight.
  3. Xtrend Professional Rabbit Wine Opener – Durable stainless steel.
  4. Waiters Corkscrew – Most common and compact, for being on the go.













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