Get ready for an Astronomical August

If you haven’t yet heard of the total solar eclipse happening this month, be sure to check out the recent buzz on NASA’s website-you won’t want to miss it. A total solar eclipse is set in motion to occur on the 21st of this month. The Sturgeon Moon (named by some Native American Tribes) will completely cover the sun in parts of North America all the way from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, and South Carolina. Star watchers outside of the corona path will still be able to see a partial solar eclipse…and we’re thinking…wherever you are…a nice bottle of Rosella’s smooth wine would be the perfect companion!


The Constellation Perseus

If this year’s total solar eclipse isn’t in the cards for you, not to worry. The month of August is ripe for celestial events! The Perseid Meteor shower will also be streaking across the night skies. The best times to get a glimpse of these amazing fireballs will be on the 11th, 12th, and 13th. If you’re watching closely, you will see the direction of the constellation these spirited fireballs come from.

Consider Bringing:

Special glasses (for the eclipse)…although wine glasses aren’t a bad idea either
A blanket and pillows
Folding chairs
Warm clothes
Something warm to drink
Chill music
A constellation map
A telescope
Rosella’s 2013 Merlot

*Remember, for your safety never look directly at the sun…(or else how would you find our website to stay informed on our upcoming wine debuts? Hehee…) To your health and a magical summer!



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