The Grapevine's Life Cycle

 Ever wonder what those grapes are up to this time of year?

Well, it’s your lucky day! Rosella’s will give you a quick from vine to wine tour in terms of the seasonal life cycle. But first, did you know the average time a baby vine takes to reach harvest maturity is 3 years? And the average life span of relatively consistent grape production is 30 years? Yeah, the “commonalities” between man and the grape vine have more truth than you might suspect. Some things really do improve with age. So, here’s a few things to stick in your journey bag of continuing knowledge.

Winter Pruning

Similar to the summer harvest, winter pruning takes a great deal of energy and time. It sounds pretty simple right? Actually it can be either simple or deeply involved depending on the vineyards chosen set of techniques, and there are quite a few to choose from: single cordon, double cordon, single guyot, double guyot, geneva double curtain, scott henry, pergola…you get the point. Techniques are chosen depending on things like cool or warm climate, air and sun exposure (related to vine type), amount of space needed and production balance.

Spring Budding

This will happen around April and May. As the season warms up, distributing more light and a more agreeable atmosphere, sap will begin to push up the vines and create very tender buds. This is the time of year many vineyard owners are biting their nails, because one good hailstorm or late freeze at just the right time could ruin or seriously injure the wine making process.

Spring Growth Begins

In later Spring, more sturdy growth appears, and this can also be a time to do a bit of pruning. Many owners will choose to cut back downward facing foliage in order to give the plant a chance to produce a more concentrated, quality grape. This is also the stage of what’s known as the perfect flowers, because pollination happens without the bee kingdom’s help.

Berry Growth Begins

Around June and July, small clusters of berries begin to emerge. Certain precautions have to be taken in order to protect the incoming fruit as types of bird and deer are particularly tempted by them.

Grape Color Changes

Often known as the Veriason period, grape cells stop dividing and begin to produce sugar. Color changes and grapes begin to feel softer to the touch. This process will is a bit different depending on the vine. It is also a perfect time of year to take a stroll and see all the beautiful hue changes.

Fall Harvest

The process of Vines Lignify begins to occur and the vines themselves become harder and of a darker color. Harvesting usually takes place around September and November. At this time, it is crucial to pick the right week in which pickers can benefit from most of the plants, because grapes do not ripen once picked, and picking too late produces an overly acidic wine.

Late Fall Harvest

Sometimes vineyards do a late fall harvest in order to produce a sweet dessert wine. At this point the grapes will have dried out a bit more, and will have stopped producing carbohydrates drawn from the leaves. The vines leaves also change to different beautiful colors and fall to the ground.

Winter Dormancy

As the cold sets in, all foliage will die off, the plants roots will go into a deep sleep, vines will get trimmed, and the cycle will begin again.

If your looking to sample some really great wine, made possible by a lot of hard work and tender loving care-stop by Rosella’s Tasting room, where you’ll get the whole experience of  food pairing samples and all! 




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Happy New Year *.*:2018*.:*

Bring in the New Year

It’s a celebration that’s been around for hundreds of years. Countries from all over the world continue to raise their glasses to the new beginnings of agricultural and astronomical cycles, or just another year’s end and beginning! It’s a beautiful time for family and friends to gather round the fire, sharing their warmest moments, moments of great adventure or even funny little roadblocks that now can be laughed at with great ceremony. Or… maybe a tenacious party is more your speed. Whatever your tradition, New Year’s Eve is always well met with a hardy glass of wine to share the holiday spirit! In case you haven’t settled on plans just yet, we at Rosella’s have you covered with a few of our own…

Midnight Potluck

With everyone bringing a solid dish, you’ll have plenty of good food and lots of laughs to share. Bump things up with an added snack and beverage per party goer and you’ve got it made.

Fix up the Garage for a Bit O’ Music and Dancing

A nice throw rug, a few seats and heater in the corner (not that you’ll need ’em with all the dancing) should all make for a splendid time. Garage parties are the best, because they quell loud music a bit better, clean-up is much easier and you’re not overly concerned about rearranging the entire house to accommodate all those “raising the roof moves.”

Get out the Popcorn

There’s nothing wrong with parking it in-front of the t.v for added comfort of course. Whether you’re with your loved ones or deciding to hooray the new year alone, a nice and quiet evening could be just the thing your looking for to get a good start on things to come.

Make a Chocolate Cake

What’s a good celebration without a hefty chocolate cake to pick at through the evening? Be sure to plan all your ingredients and cook time…and don’t forget a candle for this momentous occasion too. Our tasting notes page should have some great pairing ideas for added delight to your soulful cake this years end.

Have a Bonfire

There’s nothing better than sitting around a warm fire at night, and watching the fireworks under a star-lit sky. Bring your blankets of course and a bit of wine to warm you up, and Oh…a few smore makings just in case. The crackling of a few logs will get you into the spirit of the new year in no time.

And for those Serious Traditionalists…

Get a list going of all the new ideas, projects, and changes your going to make starting in just a few hours… Might as well have a glass or two of wine here as well, err, for…healthy morale.


~Cheers to a Happy New Year, 2018!

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Uncork Some Wine, for a Very...


~ From Rosella’s Vineyard! 

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A few Hosting Tips this Winter

So…got dinner plans?

Have you noticed these past few weeks, that there’s an ambrosia of beautiful scents and smells surfing the air? No, it’s not in your imagination…we smell it too! Cinnamon on sweet acorn squash, vanilla topped tarts, and a heavy mix of intriguing soup spices waft into our noses as we go about our daily business. Yes, the time for special dining with friends and family has begun, and for many of us, that means a few hosted dinner parties of our own. What’s that you say… you don’t feel prepared?? Well, worry not! Rosella’s has got a few tips for your magical evenings, that are sure to impress any enthusiastic bon vivant.



Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, it’s always nice to have a few inviting enhancements about the dinning room for added visual pleasure. Consider if you’re doing a theme or not, and hang up something everyone can notice and discuss together. This helps for an easy conversation starter, and will immediately lighten your guests moods.

A music playlist

Play a jam that everyone enjoys! If you search your “archives,” you could probably recall a time when a party felt off or a bit awkward because of the music, or repetitious genre that just would not let your fun-loving self relax. Often times when hosting for friends and family, we find ourselves itching to recruit others on our faves. Don’t let this kind of tune-sharing bring your party to a grinding halt. Instead, consider asking your guests ahead of time what some of their favorites are. When you’ve got a play list like this going, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the enthusiastic mood it can bring to any mixed group of people!

Re-arrange the furniture

It’s a good idea to know exactly how many guests will be attending your evening of delight, and not just to make sure there is enough dinner ware and hors d oeuvres available. You want your company to feel right at home for the evening. Positioning chairs and sofas in a way that friends and family can have an easy conversation is another must-do to a successful gathering…and while you’re busy recreating a few rooms in the house, consider keeping out a few games or intriguing books on some coffee tables nearby. Those with a shy disposition will be eternally grateful.

 A toast to remember

As host or hostess, it’s tradition to make a tribute to the dinner and guests you’re celebrating. A few mildly sentimental words related to your party and the occasion will do just fine. A bit of theatrics isn’t necessarily a bad thing either…but do try to stay within the guidelines of the mood you’ve set for the evening. There’s no shame in planning a joke either…just make sure it’s something everyone can appreciate. And of course, when toasting with Rosella’s fine wine, it will definitely be an occasion to remember! Come by our tasting room, and try out the perfect fit for your perfect bash!





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Fall Wine Club Release 2017

Stop in and pick up your favorite wine, only at Rosella’s.

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