Fall Wine Club Release 2017

Stop in and pick up your favorite wine, only at Rosella’s.

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Fun and Wine in Grants Pass, Oregon

Are you and your friends looking for an afternoon of fun?

Well, you won’t have to look hard. Grants Pass is full of amazing places to visit and is complete with some really amazing atmosphere to boot! From fine dining and lush green pathways to white water rafting and biking trails, there seems to be something for everyone…and every season too. This is a place Rosella’s is proud to call home. We love the people, surrounding nature and feeling that no matter the time of year, there is always something great going on. The month of October is no exception! Here are a few events you might consider checking out for a fun-filled time…and while you’re at it, swing by Rosellas before or after. A healthy glass of wine is a great way to end or begin an evening with friends.

The 15th Annual Art Along the Rogue

This time-honored festival makes its appearance October 6th – October 8th. You won’t want to miss it. It’s a free event with many skilled artists and plenty of bands waiting to serenade you…Or, rock your world with unforgettable acoustics. This is an impressive event which is sponsor-supported by proud surrounding businesses who love to show their town a good time.

Saturday Artisan and Crafters Market

What a perfect time to enjoy being outside, as numbers of artisans and crafters display their beautiful work for all to see. It’s a great time to pick out that perfect relic or gift for that special person. Engage your artistic side and infuse your life with a bit of Grants Pass culture. This fun will reoccur every Saturday through October 28th!

 Rogue Oregon Auctioneers In Partnership With Jo Co Airports

Be sure to wear your best pumps. This event has plenty of items to walk around and look at like collectibles, household antiques, furniture, recreational vehicles, yard and garden tools, aviation parts and more. Doors open Friday the 20th, from 10am-6pm. And, if you can’t wait that long to go in search for your “diamond in the ruff,” Rogue Oregon Auctioneers is having a French Country Auction which starts on the 7th at 9am.


We hope to see you soon and that you enjoy all that Grants Pass has to offer,



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Get into the Spirit of Fall!

Autumn is just around the corner now, and what better way to get ready for the seasonal shift than with a few house decorations to celebrate. It’s easy to think we need to go straight to the craft store to infuse our homes with the Fall spirit, but before you do…take a peek around the property first-you might be surprised at what you find to use!

Check out these beautiful and creative ideas to help bring in the new season…

Dust off that old lantern from the barn

This old-time lantern centerpiece from The Frugal Homemaker creates a warm and glowing atmosphere for guest gatherings and family dinners throughout the months. Warm the kitchen, dining room or even your hallway with a piece of history.

Hang onto old vases and popcorn kernels

It’s so rewarding and fun to make good use out of things around the house(…which can make you feel a bit guilty for letting go too long…) Give the living room or bathroom some added spirit this Fall with those old candles and vases–just sitting around collecting dust. What a great idea from Passionate Penny Pincher!


 Paint a few acorns from the yard

Nothing says Autumn is here like a few acorns scattered neatly on a shelf or displayed nicely in a glass jar. Get your afternoon exercise by picking up a few of these beauties from the yard. Go ahead and get the kids involved with this crafty project, they’ll love it! And, if you do craft work from time to time, you’ll probably have all the paint and coating you’ll need. Use copper, silver or gold! Thanks, Housely!

Try the old wagon wheel look near your front door

A few pumpkins, leaves, and lights will make stepping into your home welcoming, exciting and intriguing. Flowers aren’t the only things that can accentuate an old wheel. Take your time positioning your own fixtures around this old timer, and make it your own! A classic idea from Homebnc.

Light up a basket of pine cones (…with lights that is)

A pleasing Fall reminder from Pinterest. All you’ll need is a few pinecones, an old basket, and some lights. Prop up this pretty little image with an added country look-with some old books!

And of course, as we like to say, open a bottle of Rosella’s fine wine and make a time of it!

Go ahead, call over family and friends for a bit of Fall decorating fun, and unwind with some fantastic selections off our wine’s tasting notes list. And, if you’re looking to impress the crowd with a bit of Mulled Apple Cider (by The Pioneer Woman,) check out this fantastic recipe which goes great with a dolop…or two…ok three of Rosella’s Red Wine Blend!



~ See you at Rosellas


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Get ready for an Astronomical August

If you haven’t yet heard of the total solar eclipse happening this month, be sure to check out the recent buzz on NASA’s website-you won’t want to miss it. A total solar eclipse is set in motion to occur on the 21st of this month. The Sturgeon Moon (named by some Native American Tribes) will completely cover the sun in parts of North America all the way from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, and South Carolina. Star watchers outside of the corona path will still be able to see a partial solar eclipse…and we’re thinking…wherever you are…a nice bottle of Rosella’s smooth wine would be the perfect companion!


The Constellation Perseus

If this year’s total solar eclipse isn’t in the cards for you, not to worry. The month of August is ripe for celestial events! The Perseid Meteor shower will also be streaking across the night skies. The best times to get a glimpse of these amazing fireballs will be on the 11th, 12th, and 13th. If you’re watching closely, you will see the direction of the constellation these spirited fireballs come from.

Consider Bringing:

Special glasses (for the eclipse)…although wine glasses aren’t a bad idea either
A blanket and pillows
Folding chairs
Warm clothes
Something warm to drink
Chill music
A constellation map
A telescope
Rosella’s 2013 Merlot

*Remember, for your safety never look directly at the sun…(or else how would you find our website to stay informed on our upcoming wine debuts? Hehee…) To your health and a magical summer!



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Celebrate your Independence Day with a Delish Dish!

The 4th of July is here! Soon folks will be watching fireworks from their rooftops, a starry hill, the county fair or even at home on the t.v. If your looking for some sparkling recipes to bring along the way, Rosella’s has plucked out a few ripe ones just for you!

Let’s start off with some homemade hotdog buns, yum!

Get ready for a fabulous hot dog experience from KQED Food, where light and fluffy meets crunchy and chewy! This little oven-baked morsel will definitely have you and your guests back for seconds….or thirds.

 Try this tangy red, white, and blue sangria to wash things down!

A brilliant concoction from Recipe Girl, this festive drink mixes a bit of triple sec, berry flavored vodka and a dry white wine (of which our White Wine Blend would do nicely.) As a non-alcoholic beverage for the kids, just add a little lemon-lime soda and your choice of cranberry-grape juice, orange juice or apple juice.  

 Feeling like something a little Seaside?

This Blackened Shrimp Pesto Pasta Salad by KarylsKulinaryKrusade is a vibrant side dish for party goers looking for something a little less traditional to jazz things up. With down to earth pine nuts, spicy pepper flakes, and creamy avocado…this is a dish to remember!

And of course, every great holiday has a legendary dessert!

Don’t let this simple ingredient Flag Cake by spendwithpennies fool you! Sugared cream cheese, berries, and whipped cream toppings will go down in history…and has!

I don’t know about you, but all this food has me thinking about crafting a memorable dinner piece for all my friends and family to see. Check out these really cool Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns by addicted2diy!

And remember, try our Tasting Notes page for great ideas on food pairings.

Wishing you a happy 4th of July!

~Rosella’s Vineyard

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