A Feeling of Summer and Wine

LilySummer is an amazing time to set out to new adventures!  For the month of August particularly, there seems to be such specialness in the flow of nature all around.  Think of the famous flower "Lily of the Nile" in its entire periwinkle splendor, or the "Bee Balm" and its flowing fountain of fuchsia.  The blossoming "Plum Tree" gives us a constant moving cloud of soft pink!  Everything is teaming with life that all we need to do, is step out of the house for a moment to catch a glimpse of the famous Rufous Hummingbird in our backyards.  Or, if we're really looking we might be lucky and catch a rarer glimpse of Costa's Hummingbird with its magical hues of purples and blues. Whether we're out setting up to stargaze, reading under a large oak, enjoying a bountiful picnic, or rafting and being with friends, there is no mistaking that Summer has a lot in common with...wine-pour You guessed it... Wine! In these magnificent "summery" days, Indulging in a good glass of wine brings so much to us.  With its friendly flavored currents, one could ponder all evening its commonalities with the season.  Wine is; relaxing, nostalgic, exciting, alluring, invigorating... humorous...? Sure... why not! Here is a bit of ancient entertainment to show you Wine's funny side! Pythagoras is a well-known historical figure who lived in ancient Greece.  He was a Master Mathematician, Philosopher, Star Gazer, and Inventor... (to name a few.)  One of Pythagoras' specialties was creating clever inventions to help mankind advance, one as we know today being... "The Greedy Cup" or more correctly "The Pythagorean Cup."  It looks like a regular cup... but wait, fill it past its middle mark and out goes the contents through the bottom!  (Now... I know what you're thinking, but worry not you'll find no trick glasses here!)  In the times of Pythagoras, water and wine were sometimes scarce, so he engineered a way to mediate the masses intake of supply.  So, may we say "cheers" to appreciating a good solid cup o' of wine! Check out this great video "The Pythagorean cup – the vessel that spills its content if you’re too greedy." We hope your enjoying these Summer days and evenings and hope to see you at Rosella's wine tasting room for a bit of relaxation, excitement, good atmosphere, and fun.  If you decide to take home a little something for yourself, don't be afraid to get an extra bottle as a stow-away "Winter Nugget" of these warm Summer days!
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Ingredients for Your Best July 4th Celebration

Independence Day is just a few short days away.  While you’re busy making plans to see the new “Independence Day” movie, attend your county’s fireworks display or put on your own, the one thing you can’t forget is the food!

As is our custom on this blog, I’ve compiled some great red, white & blue recipes and decorations so you can have the best party on the block this Monday. Let’s dive in!

Drinks are first: Vodka Lemonade Slushies from And They Cooked Happily Ever After


And for the kids, Triple Berry Smoothies from In Katrina’s Kitchen


Appetizer: Firework Fruit Kabobs from Spark Recipes (Seriously these are just too cute to resist. Dust off your Christmas cookie cutters to make the watermelon stars!)



Then it’s time for barbecue, or whatever your favorite July 4 dinner is. I’d opt for burgers, grilled corn and coleslaw myself! Then it’s time for glorious dessert and I’ve got too options for you:

First, the M&M Flag Cake from Two Sisters Crafting. The best part about this one is you can make the cake whatever flavor you want and you don’t lose the July 4 theme.


Or, you can make this delicious All-American Pie from Casey Leigh


Well, I guess I got a little carried away with all those recipes. But no fear, I won’t leave you without your DIY inspiration for decorations to light up your Red, White & Blue table! Here’s 20 easy craft ideas to make your home and table celebrate! Click here for the slideshow.

We at Rosella’s wish you all a wonderful Independence Day!


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Mother's Day Weekend, Wine Club Release 2016


Hello Wine Club Members!

Your 2012 Cabernet Reserve, aged an additional year – for a total of 3 years, is finally here! Like many of our wines, it’s one you won’t want to miss. Bring your Mom, or if you are a Mom, celebrate by experiencing this awesome pairing of Cabernet Reserve with a beef and mushrooms puff pastry in a Cabernet Reduction. Mark your calendars now. It’s a great way to spend a Mother’s Day weekend. It’s an official Wine Club Event – May 7th & 8th from 12-4pm, where we’ll be giving a flower to all Moms! Wine Club available for early pick up, April 28th 11-5.

We can’t wait to see you in the tasting room!

Rex, Sandi, Rowdy, & Lola Garoutte

**Note to Wine Club Members: If you are on our “shipper” list, your wine will arrive shortly. Pickup available early by contacting us at 541-846-6372. Release available for the month of May. If wines are not picked up, wine release will be charged to payment card on file and held for your convenience.

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Cannons in the Vineyard!

Now there’s a combination you may not have heard of before! If you live somewhere near a vineyard, you may hear a cannon go off, and wonder what in the world is going on. Well, let us explain.


Birds are a wonderful part of nature. We love watching them fly and hearing them sing sweetly. But we do not love them eating our grapes. Thus, we have to find a way to scare off our feathered friends, so they’ll make a home elsewhere. Otherwise there wouldn’t be enough of Rosella’s amazing wine to go around!


There’s several ways to keep birds away. Netting, flash tape, fake hawks and other scare items, even electronic repellents…. But at Rosella’s we find cannons to be most efficient. Also, there’s no poison, chemicals or traps involved, which means although we’re scaring our flying friends, we’re not hurting them — and we’re taking care of the environment.

Photo from PestRepellerUltimate.com

Photo from PestRepellerUltimate.com

The sonic blast is as loud as an ambulance siren or jackhammer, which will send any bird or pest heading away from the vineyard. We realize this could be startling to anyone nearby, so we make sure to educate our neighbors on when we’ll be using them.


We hope you enjoyed this little bit of trivia! If you have any questions, head on down to Rosella’s and say hi.

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Go Green for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s day is just around the corner! It’s hard to believe Spring is already upon us, but we’re loving the warmer weather. In honor of the Irish, we’ve put together a few fun things to help you get your green on this 17th of March!

1. Make a naturally green drink

image from pastemagazine.com

image from pastemagazine.com

Food coloring can be nasty stuff. Don’t feel the need to turn to the green dye for your drinks. How about a Green Slipper?

According to Alla Lapushchik, the drink was designed to “capture the excitement of the first bits of springtime greenery.” Sounds perfect to me! This recipe will make a whole punch-bowl of Green Slipper:


36 Mint leaves, plus extra for garnish
18 Apple slices, plus extra for garnish
18 Cucumber slices, plus extra for garnish
6 ounces Flor de Caña 4 Year Extra Dry Rum
3 ounces St. Germain
4½ ounces simple syrup
6 ounces lime juice

Directions: In a blender, blend all ingredients for 20 to 30 seconds. Fine strain through a mesh strainer into a punch bowl with 3 large ice cubes. Garnish with extra mint leaves, apple and cucumber slices.

If this doesn’t sound like your drink, there’s more options at Paste Magazine!


2. Eat some delicious green food

Tzesty-green-dip-xhere are so many amazing recipes using all of the wonderful green-colored foods. Here’s just three ideas:
Start off with Zesty Green Goddess dip.

Then spoon up some fresh Cucumber Soup.mint-chocolate-chip-cupcakes-xl

Finally devour a few Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes! (These do have food coloring, but they looked too good not to share!)


3. Actually Go Green!

Make a conscious effort to live in an eco-friendly way. This doesn’t have to be hard! Many of the ways to reduce your environmental impact are surprisingly easy. Here’s a couple ideas:

  • replace your lightbulbs to the compact fluorescent kind
  • bag your groceries with re-usable bags
  • wait until the washing machine or dishwasher is full before running a load
  • recycle your electronics instead of throwing them away
  • turn off and unplug computers, TVs and the like every night

There you have it. Have a wonderful, green St. Patrick’s day!

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