Happy New Year *.*:2018*.:*

Bring in the New Year

It’s a celebration that’s been around for hundreds of years. Countries from all over the world continue to raise their glasses to the new beginnings of agricultural and astronomical cycles, or just another year’s end and beginning! It’s a beautiful time for family and friends to gather round the fire, sharing their warmest moments, moments of great adventure or even funny little roadblocks that now can be laughed at with great ceremony. Or… maybe a tenacious party is more your speed. Whatever your tradition, New Year’s Eve is always well met with a hardy glass of wine to share the holiday spirit! In case you haven’t settled on plans just yet, we at Rosella’s have you covered with a few of our own…

Midnight Potluck

With everyone bringing a solid dish, you’ll have plenty of good food and lots of laughs to share. Bump things up with an added snack and beverage per party goer and you’ve got it made.

Fix up the Garage for a Bit O’ Music and Dancing

A nice throw rug, a few seats and heater in the corner (not that you’ll need ’em with all the dancing) should all make for a splendid time. Garage parties are the best, because they quell loud music a bit better, clean-up is much easier and you’re not overly concerned about rearranging the entire house to accommodate all those “raising the roof moves.”

Get out the Popcorn

There’s nothing wrong with parking it in-front of the t.v for added comfort of course. Whether you’re with your loved ones or deciding to hooray the new year alone, a nice and quiet evening could be just the thing your looking for to get a good start on things to come.

Make a Chocolate Cake

What’s a good celebration without a hefty chocolate cake to pick at through the evening? Be sure to plan all your ingredients and cook time…and don’t forget a candle for this momentous occasion too. Our tasting notes page should have some great pairing ideas for added delight to your soulful cake this years end.

Have a Bonfire

There’s nothing better than sitting around a warm fire at night, and watching the fireworks under a star-lit sky. Bring your blankets of course and a bit of wine to warm you up, and Oh…a few smore makings just in case. The crackling of a few logs will get you into the spirit of the new year in no time.

And for those Serious Traditionalists…

Get a list going of all the new ideas, projects, and changes your going to make starting in just a few hours… Might as well have a glass or two of wine here as well, err, for…healthy morale.


~Cheers to a Happy New Year, 2018!

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Uncork Some Wine, for a Very...


~ From Rosella’s Vineyard! 

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A few Hosting Tips this Winter

So…got dinner plans?

Have you noticed these past few weeks, that there’s an ambrosia of beautiful scents and smells surfing the air? No, it’s not in your imagination…we smell it too! Cinnamon on sweet acorn squash, vanilla topped tarts, and a heavy mix of intriguing soup spices waft into our noses as we go about our daily business. Yes, the time for special dining with friends and family has begun, and for many of us, that means a few hosted dinner parties of our own. What’s that you say… you don’t feel prepared?? Well, worry not! Rosella’s has got a few tips for your magical evenings, that are sure to impress any enthusiastic bon vivant.



Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, it’s always nice to have a few inviting enhancements about the dinning room for added visual pleasure. Consider if you’re doing a theme or not, and hang up something everyone can notice and discuss together. This helps for an easy conversation starter, and will immediately lighten your guests moods.

A music playlist

Play a jam that everyone enjoys! If you search your “archives,” you could probably recall a time when a party felt off or a bit awkward because of the music, or repetitious genre that just would not let your fun-loving self relax. Often times when hosting for friends and family, we find ourselves itching to recruit others on our faves. Don’t let this kind of tune-sharing bring your party to a grinding halt. Instead, consider asking your guests ahead of time what some of their favorites are. When you’ve got a play list like this going, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the enthusiastic mood it can bring to any mixed group of people!

Re-arrange the furniture

It’s a good idea to know exactly how many guests will be attending your evening of delight, and not just to make sure there is enough dinner ware and hors d oeuvres available. You want your company to feel right at home for the evening. Positioning chairs and sofas in a way that friends and family can have an easy conversation is another must-do to a successful gathering…and while you’re busy recreating a few rooms in the house, consider keeping out a few games or intriguing books on some coffee tables nearby. Those with a shy disposition will be eternally grateful.

 A toast to remember

As host or hostess, it’s tradition to make a tribute to the dinner and guests you’re celebrating. A few mildly sentimental words related to your party and the occasion will do just fine. A bit of theatrics isn’t necessarily a bad thing either…but do try to stay within the guidelines of the mood you’ve set for the evening. There’s no shame in planning a joke either…just make sure it’s something everyone can appreciate. And of course, when toasting with Rosella’s fine wine, it will definitely be an occasion to remember! Come by our tasting room, and try out the perfect fit for your perfect bash!





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Fall Wine Club Release 2017

Stop in and pick up your favorite wine, only at Rosella’s.

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Fun and Wine in Grants Pass, Oregon

Are you and your friends looking for an afternoon of fun?

Well, you won’t have to look hard. Grants Pass is full of amazing places to visit and is complete with some really amazing atmosphere to boot! From fine dining and lush green pathways to white water rafting and biking trails, there seems to be something for everyone…and every season too. This is a place Rosella’s is proud to call home. We love the people, surrounding nature and feeling that no matter the time of year, there is always something great going on. The month of October is no exception! Here are a few events you might consider checking out for a fun-filled time…and while you’re at it, swing by Rosellas before or after. A healthy glass of wine is a great way to end or begin an evening with friends.

The 15th Annual Art Along the Rogue

This time-honored festival makes its appearance October 6th – October 8th. You won’t want to miss it. It’s a free event with many skilled artists and plenty of bands waiting to serenade you…Or, rock your world with unforgettable acoustics. This is an impressive event which is sponsor-supported by proud surrounding businesses who love to show their town a good time.

Saturday Artisan and Crafters Market

What a perfect time to enjoy being outside, as numbers of artisans and crafters display their beautiful work for all to see. It’s a great time to pick out that perfect relic or gift for that special person. Engage your artistic side and infuse your life with a bit of Grants Pass culture. This fun will reoccur every Saturday through October 28th!

 Rogue Oregon Auctioneers In Partnership With Jo Co Airports

Be sure to wear your best pumps. This event has plenty of items to walk around and look at like collectibles, household antiques, furniture, recreational vehicles, yard and garden tools, aviation parts and more. Doors open Friday the 20th, from 10am-6pm. And, if you can’t wait that long to go in search for your “diamond in the ruff,” Rogue Oregon Auctioneers is having a French Country Auction which starts on the 7th at 9am.


We hope to see you soon and that you enjoy all that Grants Pass has to offer,



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