Create the Perfect At-Home Valentine's Table

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Wine and Valentine’s go together likes peas in a pod (seriously, when you think “romantic” what comes to mind? Yep. Wine). So we’ve put together a few things you can do to turn your table into the ultimate romantic scene for your loved one.

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Firstly, the glasses. We love this etching DIY from ThePinningMama.com.



You’ll need more decorations around the table, so how about a simple cork heart? Courtesy of SandAndSisal.com



This candle-themed centerpiece from MomCrieff.com would go wonderfully with that as well.



Once the table is set, you’ll need some yummy treats to snack on. We love the idea of these wine gummies from Thrive-Style.com!




For a comfy, relaxing and romantic dinner at home, try one of these recipes from FoodNetwork.com.



Don’t forget, the evening isn’t complete without a glass of smooth red wine. Our classic Cabernet Sauvignon is an excellent choice, but any of our reds would be delicious. Enjoy!

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Use Better Wine Accessories this New Year

It’s that time again for Resolutions and I can’t think of a better one than to drink better wine – and use better accessories!

Corkscrews are an essential, and it’s easy to pick up a nice-looking corkscrew… only to find out its cheap and worthless.corks-640362_1920 Do your research and buy one that’s high quality and will last. There’s several kind of corkscrews, and it’s really your preference what kind you’d like to get is. There’s the lever kind, the wing kind, and for the adventurous at heart, the battery-powered!

Decanters or Aerators are must-haves for red wine. While decanters are classic and elegant, many would prefer an aerator because it’s much easier to clean. Plus aerators are quick to use and effective!

Wine Glasses, of course. While we all know that you can drink wine out of a juice glass, you’re missing out on most of the fantastic aromas and flavors. The thinner is the better for wine, so if you don’t have some good quality glasses already, go shopping and find the thinnest, smoothest that you can.

We wish everyone a happy new year filled with good times and good wine!

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Keep the Red-Wine Stain off your Teeth!

It’s no question – we can’t live without red wine. But after that delicious swirl of liquid goes down, it tends to leave a less-than-elegant stain on our teeth!

Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think to avoid this. Here’s 7 tips from byrdie.com on ways to protect your pearly whites:

1. Brush before, not after. Brushing your teeth an hour before you start drinking will clean away the plaque (which is what the wine sticks to). Don’t brush after though – it can damage your teeth!Somerset-Cheddar

2. Sparkling Water. Swish some sparkling water in between glasses; the bubbles will scrub away the stains.

3. Cheese. You knew cheese belongs with wine! Cheese builds up calcium on your teeth and makes stains way less likely.

4. Fiber. Foods like broccoli, brussel sprouts and potatoes help produce your mouth produce more saliva, effectively scrubbing away the stains.

5. No White Wine Before. The acidity of the white wine erode your enamel, which is not only bad news for your teeth, but it helps the stain to stick!

lime-631390_6406. Post-wine Wipes. Yep, it’s a thing. Just wipe away the stain and keep your teeth shiny white.

7. In case of Emergency: the Lime. Try your best not to use this one for the sake of your teeth! It works, but it wears down your enamel.

Read the full article HERE. What about you? Have any tips you’d like to share for keeping those red stains away?

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Thanksgiving and Wine

It’s November and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This holiday of gratefulness and scrumptious food pairs so well with wine. Here’s a few of our favorite ideas of how to incorporate your love for wine into this joyful holiday!

First things first, wine pairing with each course! Here’s a handy infograph from the Wine Enthusiast magazine.



Next you’ve got to find a way to chill that wine. Why not use that carved out pumpkin left over from halloween? Love this idea  from CherylStyle.com!


And of course, last but not least you’ve got to incorporate wine into your decorations. Here’s a few fun ideas of how to do that:




There’s also a lot of decorations you could make with the cork alone! Check out this article for some ideas. 

We hope we’ve wine-inspired your Thanksgiving just a little bit! Enjoy the season, friends, and family.

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What are Unicorn Wines?



Perhaps you’ve seen the hashtag #UnicornWine floating around twitter. Or maybe you’re just totally curious why in the world they’d name a wine after a mythical creature! Turns out the title is appropriate because it refers to any wine that is hard to find.


You’ll most often see sommeliers using this term, usually with a photo of said Unicorn Wine as their bragging rights that they got a hold of a bottle of the elusive wine. According to the Wine Spectator, a few criteria for determining a true Unicorn Wine are:


• The wine must have a production of fewer than 200 cases.

• You feel genuinely uncomfortable when opening because it may never happen again.

• The winemaker is no longer with us or retired.

• If you have to ask, it ain’t Unicorn.

So chances are, unless it’s one of your goals in life, you won’t run across one of these rare finds. But at least now you’ll now how special it really is when you see someone post that they’re drinking a #UnicornWine!

If you want to do more reading, here’s a list that Eater made of some well known Unicorn Wines.

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