Fun Summer Picnics

If you know us at all, you know we just love being with friends and family…and of course having great food with our favorite wines! If you’ve got the picnic itch…we’ve jotted down some reminders on how to have an amazing feast and outing!

The night before…

One of the great things about having a picnic is the planning stage. The fun is escalated when everyone starts to feel that it’s really gonna happen, and the plan isn’t just talk. We’re all for spontaneity…but some of our most memorable outings were because we took the time to plan them! For your day of fun, here are a few tips that could be useful:

  • Make sure you have a few places in mind for your grass party. Whether you’re taking a trail up a mountain or just going to the park, it’s always nice to have a backup plan. Sometimes the county will shut down certain areas for maintenance reasons etc….
  • If you decide to shop for your day picnic in the early morning, go through the fridge and cupboards and prepare all the tasties you find in advance, as much as possible.
    • Cut up blocks of cheese, meat, and bread and put into sandwich bags, ready to grab
    • Don’t be afraid to throw those olives, fruits, and veggies in early either. (The less you have to do in the morning the better)
    • Remember to refrigerate any refreshments normally drunk cold too (champaign is usually enjoyed chilled)
  • If there are any kitchen napkins you don’t mind bringing outside, the better… regular napkins are light and easily blow away in the wind
  • Insect invasions can quickly ruin any amazing picnic…and does happen. To avoid these “mini-armies,” take the time to pack some bug repellent/spray.
  • When it comes to Sunscreen, why not bring it along? Better safe than sorry
  • Finally, make a grocery list for whatever else you might need before bed, (and get some uninterrupted rest before your day of fun.) Smoke-dried sausage and brownies are classic treats! (Check out our Tasting Notes page under the Wine Shop tab for great pairing ideas!!)

Additional items to consider

  • Knife and utensils
  • Mini condiment packages
  • Ice packs
  • A trash bag
  • A camera
  • Playing cards
  • A Frisbee/Soccer ball
  • A chess board
  • A blanket
  • Music/instrument (Ukulele are our favorite!)
  • Book
  • Rosella’s Red Wine Blend


From Rosella’s Vineyard!

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