Art in Wine

When we think of wine, we think of relaxation, popcorn, movies, books, quiet time, and parties. But how often do we think of painting? Maybe the idea seems contradictory to some of us. Too much wine can dull the senses, but it can also put one into a state of clarity suggests theguardian. It’s widely known that just one glass of wine can positively alter a person’s state of consciousness. Because wine carries more blood to the brain, it becomes stimulated and cognition is heightened.

Alexander Pope wrote, “drink is the feast of reason and the flow of soul.” “Galileo Galilei, not only the well-known scientist of his age but a painter as well once said, “wine is sunlight held together by water.” In the days of old, it was not uncommon to take wine over water. The possibility of taking a sip or two (or more) while painting one of his most known pieces of the moon in 1609 is certainly a realistic notion. And finally, Plato said, “when a man drinks wine at dinner, he begins to be better pleased with himself.” Art isn’t always about the finished product of course. It’s about all the things in-between. Besides, there’s always impressionism. If your friends ask “what is it?” Just smile cooly and say “it’s a bird silly!” Who knows, maybe that painting will end up on your wall…neatly framed, complete with color matting. A remnant of a magnificent and magical evening, a memento, an…heirloom?

But.. wait…you weren’t prepared for this!

You’re not even sure you have all the colors…

“So what!” Some of the most inspirational artwork in the world is graced by the of infusion of wine. Let your creativity shine. Do a landscape in hues of blues or greens. Make a portrait of your beloved dog…or cat. Take a crack at some still art. Be spontaneous, and paint a piece of a dream that stuck with you.

The sky’s the limit.







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