Wine Tech to Calm the Calamity

We know all about feeling adventurous, which is why we’re going to share a not so secret, little secret with you. When you’re not enjoying a great glass of wine from a winery you already know and love, you’re quite possibly standing in the grocery store aisle looking at various labels. It’s okay, we’re not offended. We recognize and encourage a healthy dose of curiosity.  … from time to time.

Let’s face the facts though, because many more of us hoard the bottles we know to be good, and do not often stray from our personal collection of “rare and exquisite” finds. Why should we chance a dull and distasteful pairing with our carefully prepared dinner? The herbs have melted into the butter just right. The blissful aroma of a meal, well prepared, is in the air. There’s no way we’re going to pervert our table with an untested pour. …at least most of the time.

Well, for the adventurer and those wanting to avoid catastrophe, here’s the not-so-secret we recently discovered.

Meet the Vivino Wine Scanner app!

vivino-app-iconYep! …there’s an app for that too.  Several in fact. This means that there’s a better way to tempt fate, and indulge your curiosity.

Applications like Vivino will allow you to scan a bottle of wine and write a review. You can keep a running list of the wines you’ve reviewed, as well as explore wines that others have reviewed. Perhaps you’re thinking about exploring a type of wine within a specific price range. The app allows you to filter your search of wines by price, rating, food pairing, grape, vintage, and more.

Can you believe it!?!

app_icons-4Your great wine adventure has been met with tech, turning your risky behavior into calculated enjoyment. Who knew! Assuming you don’t hesitate to download the tech right away.

We were intrigued by the article “How Technology Is Transforming the Wine Industry” by Daniel Burrus, (Technology Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Author) which we found at the Huffington Post website. We loved that Burrus was looking for the positive spin on tech in today’s world. Awesome that it also pertains to our industry.

Upon further exploration of the tech, we also found “Best wine label scanning apps 2015” by Richard Hemming MW, (Contributor) at the Jancis Robinson website, where we discovered that the Vivino app was one of many a person could use to feed the adventurer within, while helping them prevent a mob of unhappy party goers. Hemming, in this follow-up article referenced above, does a very good job of providing highlights and app recommendations. Vivino was one of two he suggested for use.

While these apps are great for the adventurer, they’re also great for the strong, consistent personality types who like to know what they’re getting themselves into before buying their wine, or haphazardly taste testing at an otherwise well thoughtout dinner party.  Who cares about the “red vs white” debate at the table, if they both suck! Your consistent and even-keeled friend will begrudgingly defend you (the adventurer) for only a short time while the guests lose their frickin’ mind. After that, you’re on your own and you’ll be wishing you had stuck to what you know to be exquisite, or at the very least make a mental note to download the app later.

Remember, when you’re headed off to the pantry to make amends with your guests by grabbing a bottle of Rosella’s – we’d love a review on whatever adventurous, calm-the calamity app you’re now using, and we thank you in advance.




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