A Wine Of A Time!

Looking to start the Autumn season with some Zazz?

How about Hosting a Party!party-1206687_1280

If you’re feeling rusty at playing the host or hostess, here are some refreshers to infuse some fun into your well-earned festivities with friends and family!

1)  Get a theme going!  Theme parties help clue your guests into the type of celebration you’re having: Loud and Exciting, Quiet and Elegant, Relaxed, Intensely Conversational, or just an “anything goes motif.”

Remember, the sky is the limit, so don’t resign yourself to the commonplace get-together if you’re looking for something a little more exceptional.

A few party theme ideas might be:

  • A Safari/Jungle Party
  • A 1920’s Party
  • A Woodland Party (and stargazing)
  • A Murder Mystery Party (with dinner scripts)
  • A Vintage Party (everyone brings an impressive antique)

2)  Be sure to send out your invitations well in advance, and check the local community event-dates which might otherwise usher your guests off in another direction.

cake-1587097_12803)  Be sensitive to your guests food allergies/needs.  Make sure there is something for everyone to nibble on, and while you’re sampling your hors d’ oeuvres go ahead and un-cork a bottle!  It’s important to enjoy yourself as you plan the party and its food pairing ideas.  (Click on Tasting Notes to get a feeling for our wine and the flavor they can bring to a dish.)

4)  Welcome your company in at the door with their choice of beverage, as you introduce them to at least one other guest.  This helps everyone to feel appreciated and ready to mingle with others.

5)  Make sure you are enjoying yourself as the festivities commence!  Don’t wait to have fun, or get too caught up in having every detail perfect…a relaxed host/hostess is important in guiding a party to its most potential.

6)  Complete your evening with a delectable dessert.  As the evening winds down, ensure your friends and family are contented with one last taste of something fabulous before they depart.


Join us at Rosella’s to sample some really great wine for an amazing bash!


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