A Feeling of Summer and Wine

LilySummer is an amazing time to set out to new adventures!  For the month of August particularly, there seems to be such specialness in the flow of nature all around.  Think of the famous flower “Lily of the Nile” in its entire periwinkle splendor, or the “Bee Balm” and its flowing fountain of fuchsia.  The blossoming “Plum Tree” gives us a constant moving cloud of soft pink!  Everything is teaming with life that all we need to do, is step out of the house for a moment to catch a glimpse of the famous Rufous Hummingbird.  Or, if we’re really looking we might be lucky and catch a rarer glimpse of Costa’s Hummingbird, with its magical hues of purples and blues. Whether we’re out setting up to stargaze, reading under a large oak, enjoying a bountiful picnic, or rafting and being with friends, there is no mistaking that Summer has a lot in common with…wine-pour

You guessed it… Wine!

In these magnificent summery days, Indulging in a good glass of wine brings so much to us.  With its friendly flavored currents, one could ponder all evening its commonalities with the season.  Wine is: relaxing, nostalgic, exciting, alluring, invigorating… humorous…? Sure… why not!

Here is a bit of ancient entertainment to show you Wine’s witty side!

Pythagoras is a well-known historical figure who lived in ancient Greece.  He was a Master Mathematician, Philosopher, Star Gazer, and Inventor (…to name a few.) Pythagoras’ specialty was creating clever inventions to help mankind advance.  A most intriguing invention known today is, “The Greedy Cup” or more correctly “The Pythagorean Cup.”  It looks like a regular cup… but wait, fill it past its middle mark and out goes the contents through the bottom!  (Now… I know what you’re thinking, but worry not you’ll find no trick glasses here!)  In the times of Pythagoras, water and wine were sometimes scarce, so he engineered a way to mediate the masses intake of supply.  So, may we say “Cheers” to appreciating ‘A Good Solid Cup O’ Wine!’

See The Greedy Cup in Action here “The Pythagorean cup – the vessel that spills its content if you’re too greedy.”

We hope you’re enjoying these Summer days and evenings; and hope to see you at Rosella’s wine tasting room for a bit of relaxation, excitement, good atmosphere, and fun!  If you decide to take home a little something for yourself, don’t be afraid to get an extra bottle as a stow-away “Winter Nugget” of these warm Summer days!

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