Cannons in the Vineyard!

Now there’s a combination you may not have heard of before! If you live somewhere near a vineyard, you may hear a cannon go off, and wonder what in the world is going on. Well, let us explain.


Birds are a wonderful part of nature. We love watching them fly and hearing them sing sweetly. But we do not love them eating our grapes. Thus, we have to find a way to scare off our feathered friends, so they’ll make a home elsewhere. Otherwise there wouldn’t be enough of Rosella’s amazing wine to go around!


There’s several ways to keep birds away. Netting, flash tape, fake hawks and other scare items, even electronic repellents…. But at Rosella’s we find cannons to be most efficient. Also, there’s no poison, chemicals or traps involved, which means although we’re scaring our flying friends, we’re not hurting them — and we’re taking care of the environment.

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The sonic blast is as loud as an ambulance siren or jackhammer, which will send any bird or pest heading away from the vineyard. We realize this could be startling to anyone nearby, so we make sure to educate our neighbors on when we’ll be using them.


We hope you enjoyed this little bit of trivia! If you have any questions, head on down to Rosella’s and say hi.

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