Keep the Red-Wine Stain off your Teeth!

It’s no question – we can’t live without red wine. But after that delicious swirl of liquid goes down, it tends to leave a less-than-elegant stain on our teeth!

Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think to avoid this. Here’s 7 tips from on ways to protect your pearly whites:

1. Brush before, not after. Brushing your teeth an hour before you start drinking will clean away the plaque (which is what the wine sticks to). Don’t brush after though – it can damage your teeth!Somerset-Cheddar

2. Sparkling Water. Swish some sparkling water in between glasses; the bubbles will scrub away the stains.

3. Cheese. You knew cheese belongs with wine! Cheese builds up calcium on your teeth and makes stains way less likely.

4. Fiber. Foods like broccoli, brussel sprouts and potatoes help produce your mouth produce more saliva, effectively scrubbing away the stains.

5. No White Wine Before. The acidity of the white wine erode your enamel, which is not only bad news for your teeth, but it helps the stain to stick!

lime-631390_6406. Post-wine Wipes. Yep, it’s a thing. Just wipe away the stain and keep your teeth shiny white.

7. In case of Emergency: the Lime. Try your best not to use this one for the sake of your teeth! It works, but it wears down your enamel.

Read the full article HERE. What about you? Have any tips you’d like to share for keeping those red stains away?

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