Wine Pairings for your Favorite Pizzas

Summer is officially kicked off, and an outdoor gathering with friends, pizza and wine sounds like the perfect way to spend a warm July evening. If you’re wondering which wines compliment the sauces and meats on your favorite pizza, look no further. Though opinions will vary, I’ve found several main themes that most sommeliers seem to agree on for each. Take a look at the list below, then get your summer party started!

Margherita: Both Chardonnay and a dry Garnacha rosé are excellent pairings. Don’t get too complicated – a classic Zinfandel will work well on the red side.

Sausage: Dark and spicy, Syrah is the ideal choice for a fennel-driven sausage pizza. Also try Pinotage and Sangiovese.

Hawaiian: A slightly sweet Riesling matches surprisingly well, its sweetness enhancing the flavors of the ham and pineapple.

Pepperoni: You’ll need intense flavors to counterbalance the strong pepperoni. Try a full-bodied Primitivo, or the popular red Sangiovese.

White-sauce: Creamy pizza brings out the creamy notes of Pinot and Chardonnay. Also try Dolcetto, which really blends with the green herbs.

BBQ: With the sweetness of the sauce you will want something fruity. Argentine Malbec and Touriga Nacional pair very well with both a sweet or smoky barbecue.




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